Get ready to dive into One China’s menu, with China’s inspired street food where every bite is a flavor explosion that tantalizes the senses. Our menu is like a foodie’s passport to the bustling lanes of China, giving you a taste of the local Hong Kong and Sichuan street style cuisine without the airfare.

Our team has explored China’s culinary landscape to craft a drool-worthy lineup of dishes that scream “yum” in every language. From sumptuous dumplings that’ll have you dancing in your seat, to noodle bowls that’ll leave you slurping ’til the very end, our menu is a love letter to the local street food culture.

So, go ahead and unleash your inner food adventurer! Take a bite (or ten) and discover a menu that’s as diverse, bold, and downright irresistible as the city that inspired it.

One China: Serving up Chinese Street Food with recipes with an inspired twist that’ll leave your taste buds begging for more!


Drums of Heaven


Craving a taste of China’s street food charm without leaving your couch? You’re in luck, because One China’s got you covered with our super easy and ultra-convenient online ordering! Kick back, relax, and let us teleport straight to your doorstep – no passports or plane tickets required.
Here’s how to get your hands (and mouth) on our delicious dishes in a jiffy:

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While our chefs whip up your feast, feel free to binge-watch your favorite show, practice your air-guitar skills, or join in on the latest InstaReels dance challenge. We'll have your order ready in no time!

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