Welcome to One China, where our Little Kitchen serves up wholesome flavours of some of our favourite Chinese recipes. We go to great lengths to pamper and surprise you, ensuring that every bite is a heart-warming experience! From sourcing fresh local ingredients to warm and hospitable service, we aim to ensure you’re able to chow down on your favourite comfort food with a fresh spin.

Are you ready for a culinary rollercoaster that’ll take your taste buds on a satisfying ride?

As an offshoot of the legendary Malaka Spice, our multiple outlets are at the following locations:

We are all set to appeal to the foodie within you with our yummy streetside joint serving delicious fusion flavours from the East!

Our Origin Story

One China originated in our minds, hearts and souls and hearts way before it was conceptualised as a brand – you might wonder how? Well, We’ve always loved Chinese food; who doesn’t?


One China started out back in the days when our Founders spent years in Hong Kong to when we would experiment with Chinese cuisine in our own kitchens to tackle those food cravings that most people are subject to – until COVID hit and we decided to enter the Cloud Kitchen threshold.


We decided to showcase what we enjoyed when it came to the cuisine and lo behold, One China was born. The Dai Pai Dongs of Hong Kong that we’ve come across on our travels continue to inspire us on our journey – think your favourite neighbourhood street-side kitchen dishing out wholesome, heart-warming food that cheers you up when you feel low and fills you up when you’re ravenous – that’s what we’re aiming to be.


So here we are; from memories on the streets of Wan Chai to your round-the corner restaurant, trying to make a difference!

The One China Edge

What gives us the edge is our wholesome food reminding you of home-cooked flavours that are sure to nourish your soul. Our dishes are made with love and care, using only the freshest ingredients to ensure that each bite is bursting with flavour and goodness. Treat yourself to a meal that not only tastes great but also makes you feel great inside and out.


Unlike your typical road-side Chinese food which is a medley of Indian flavours and is dubbed ‘Indo-Chinese’, our menu aims to bring the streets of China to your plate, without the jet lag. Our favourite, nostalgic dishes from Hong Kong to the Sichuan Province feature on the menu and each recipe is crafted with our personal touch.


Our food is all about sharing happiness through delectable foods whether you’re visiting us at one of our restaurants or relaxing at home with one of our online deliveries. The result? An array of bold, robust flavours that’ll have you saying, “Yum Cha? More like YUM, y’all!”  Swing by one of our outlets or order from our cloud kitchens to dive into a China-inspired feast that’s equal parts tasty, fun, and unforgettable.


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